Sunday, June 28, 2009

Elephants of Kerala...

One of the first image that 'Kerala' conjures up is that of an elephant.. and I shall introduce you all to THE picture !!

Its taken on the occasion of Thalappoli, the pooram festival of Thiruvilwamala ; which I shall describe in much details later. This elephant deserves special attention as being one of the biggest ones in Kerala.. and its a great kick to have seen it so up close !! It was a guest at my place for a period of two days of the festival and in the photo you see 'him' entering our porch for a bath :)

Elephants of Kerala

Kerala... beginning of a new series...

Kerala - One of the southern coastal state of India is known for many things - nature, backwaters, elephants, high rate of literacy, culture and tradition, food especially sea food, colorful festivals, Kathakali, Kalarippayattu (aka Kalari) martial arts and many more... making people call it "God's Own Country"..
Ofcourse, you would have guessed by now that I'm a native of Kerala :)
I created this blog to showcase some of these through my pictures and occasional posts about some of these elements which makes Kerala - A God's Own Country.
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