Friday, October 23, 2009

Pooram Pictures - 7 : Bhagavati Devi carried during Thiruvilwamala Thalappoli pooram....

During the Pooram festivals, as seen in my previous posts, the procession of caparisoned elephants and kuda mattam are very important happenings during a pooram. But, if you had noticed, the elephant in the center will be carrying a deity.

Here, I've captured a close up of the deity Bhagavati Devi which is carried in the Thiruvilwamala Thalappoli pooram festival.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pooram Pictures - 6 : Nettipattom for Elephants...

One sight that amazes anyone watching Pooram festivals in Kerala for the first time is the beautifully caparisoned elephants carrying the deity Bhagavati Devi's idol above them.

Today, I'll present two pictures of "Nettipattom" i.e., gold plated caparisons used to decorate the elephants. Generally, all the ornaments thats used to decorate the elephants are kept on public display the previous night of pooram. These images are taken during my visit to one such display.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pooram Pictures - 5: Poothan and Thira...

Here is another picture of a common site during Pooram festivals in North Kerala...
Though the title says Poothan and Thira, the picture shows only two Poothan's. Since Poothan and Thira always go together, I didn't want to separate them :)

Poothan and Thira is a dance form performed infront of people during such festive occasions and is considered as a good sign if the Poothan and Thira comes to your house and perform. It is considered that they clean the evil spirits.
Poothan and Thira together visit the Hindu houses during Pooram festival with their musicians. During the morning of Pooram festival, people await the arrival of Poothan and Thira to their houses and welcome them. It is believed that they represent the goddess who visits her devotees and blesses them.

From the wikipedia, - "A typical Poothan Thira performance comprising mostly shouts and wild gestures. The duo is immensely popular amongst the natives and an essential part of the village festivals of the region. Poothan player usually wear in bright (usually red), tightly woven costumes embellished with gold-coloured trinkets. Their larger than life headdresses with peacock features and imposing masks with stick out tongues and eyes are sure to leave an unbelievable imagination to the viewer. Thira player wears semicircular black crown mounted on his head with symbols of the goddess embossed on the same. We can see may Thira players with extra ordinary acrobatic skills who make the performance to a real treat to watch."

I'll try to get a picture of both Poothan and Thira together. I guess I have a video of both of them performing, just have to find it and upload.
Until next time, ciao....
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